Query Management

Technical SEO code focusing on Query Management.

SEO keyword research using searchConsoleR and googleAnalyticsR

Method to estimate where to prioritise your SEO resources, estimating which keywords will give the greatest increase in revenue if you could improve their Google rank. Link: https://code.markedmondson.me/search-console-google-analytics-r-keyword-research/

By: Mark Edmondson on Coding in digital analytics


Using r and google’s keyword planner to evaluate size and competitiveness of international markets.

Link: https://keyword-hero.com/markets-go-using-r-googles-keyword-planner-evaluate-size-competitiveness-international-markets

By: Max (tbc) on Keyword Hero

Automate Google Search Console data downloads with R

A guide on scheduling searchConsoleR to save your data to a database

Link: https://www.rubenvezzoli.online/automate-google-search-console-downloads/

By: Ruben Vezzoli on https://www.rubenvezzoli.online/