Technical SEO code to extract data from APIs


A R 📦 to retrieve information from Google Knowledge Graph API.

Code Link: https://github.com/dschmeh/GoogleKnowledgeGraphR

By: Daniel Schmeh

How to Connect Google Analytics with R

Step by step how to get your GA data into R and do some basic manipulation with that data

Tutorial link: https://www.adswerve.com/blog/ga-r-heatmap-tutorial/ Code link: https://github.com/analytics-pros/R-GA-Heatmap

By: Luka Cempre

Google Search Console API R: Guide to get Started

Shows you how to setup a daily automated pull of Google Search Console data using R

Tutorial link: https://www.ryanpraski.com/google-search-console-api-r-guide-to-get-started/

By: Ryan Praskievicz